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"Crush Your Competition with Personal 1-on-1 Coaching with Vinny Mazzurco"
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About Vinny Mazzurco

When advice such as “Swing down on the ball!” or “You’re dropping your back shoulder!” just doesn’t cut it, and you’re looking for your kid to be the one that bats over .500 and hits the game winning home run, then I have just the solution for you…

Personal 1-on-1 Video Analysis Coaching

Although I rarely take on clients one-on-one, I know that I can have the biggest impact when I can help ball players have breakthroughs in their swing through a personal coaching session.

For that reason, I have opening up a few opportunities for coaching.  If you are interested continue reading to learn more...
  • One-on-one coaching, working directly with Coach Vinny, is designed to get you to focus on the most important areas of your swing that are holding you back & dramatically cut the time it takes to master the baseball swing so you can be hitting for a higher average & more power with screaming line drives by your next game!
  • Vinny Mazzurco will instantly see what areas of your swing you need to correct upon viewing the video of YOUR swing you submit and will personally point out these areas of your swing that need to be corrected and provide you with a personalized training plan specifically for how to work on these areas of your swing that are holding you back. (Coach Vinny will identify the things that keep you from achieving the results you desire, and then create a game plan to reach your goals that works.)
  • Your results focused coaching plan is your pathway to hitting for a higher average & more power.  It is modeled after the best of the best hitters in the world.
  • Plus no travel is invloved,  you simply send a video of your swing directly to Coach Vinny from anywhere in the world.  Video can easily be sent directly from your phones video camera or any video camera.

Send an email to Vinny@MazzurcoBaseball.com and we will glady answer any additional questions!
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"How Does 1-on-1 Video Analysis Coaching with Vinny Mazzurco Work?"

One-on-one Video Analysis Coaching allows you to get personal instruction directly from Vinny Mazzurco himself (from anywhere in the world).

Here's how it works...

1.  Vinny Mazzurco (Creator & Founder of Baseball Swing Mastery) will view & analyze video of your baseball swing along with critique your swing and tell you exactly what part of your swing you need to work on.

2.  You will send Vinny a 1-5 min video of your swing directly from your video recorder on your phone or camera and easily email or upload the video to our website using anyone of our simple methods to do this.

3.  Vinny Mazzurco will personally watch the video of your swing and will instantly be able to focus in on exactly what area of your swing needs work and will tell you exactly what you need to do to correct it.  Upon Coach Vinny's review of your swing he will write up a personal report of what areas of your swing that you can improve your mechanics and will zero in on exactly what is holding you back from achieving your goals and how to correct this.  Coach Vinny will give you the exact drills that you personally should be using to maxmize learning & conditioning the proper mechanics into your swing.

4.  Additionally through you having the Baseball Swing Mastery DVD and/or Online membership site program Vinny Mazzurco will be able to direct your attention to the parts of the Baseball Swing Mastery videos to focus your attention on for YOUR swing so you don’t need to figure out what you are or may not being doing correctly all on your own.  This will save you hours of time and energy by being able to get laser focused on exactly what mechanics in YOUR swing you need to work on and exactly how to fix it so you can make the proper mechanics a part of your swing so you don’t even have to think about your mechanics when you are up at bat during the game.  You can just see the ball and hit it!  That’s what “Results Coaching” with Coach Vinny will do for you.

Send an email to Vinny@MazzurcoBaseball.com and we will glady answer any additional questions!
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"My eight year old son had horrible batting form and was chopping down on every ball he hit. I spent countless hours trying to dissect his swing and figure out what was wrong. I only made things worse. When I looked all over the internet I came across a response to some father's question about his kid's baseball swing. The response offered some suggestions and offered another site on the web which may help- with the disclaimer that he wasn't trying to sell him anything. I was intrigued so I looked at the site as well. There I saw Vinny demonstrating one of the most technically proficient baseball swings I had ever seen. What Vinny had done was what I was actually trying to do myself (with one exception - I hadn't played years of baseball). The more videos I watched, the more I realized that after watching tons of swings the are some universal things about all swings. It just takes someone with common sense to tease these things out. Vinny has masterfully done that and combined that with his personal experience. His videos are extremely honest. He tells you the right things to do and explains all of the variations. Instead of telling you why everyone else is wrong and he is right - he is honest and explains that there are other ways to achieve the same thing. He uses his personal anecdotes as well. His style is extremely easy to understand. After watching them myself I had my eight year old watch them too. He had no problem at all doing this himself. They go at a slow pace and divide the topics into important and distinguishable segments.

My son had been chopping down on the ball with every hit first hitting the diamond within ten feet of home plate - often grounding out - to now crushing the ball with long line drives into the outfield. This is the only review of a product I have EVER written because I believe in it that much. If you are someone who wants to see their child do better and you realize that video instruction is the way to go, then this is the best series out there.

If you are frustrated and want your child to do better - than you are exactly where I was before I purchased [Baseball Swing Mastery].

I hope it helps you like it has helped us."

~ Andrew Weisinger

" After my first full season of playing Professional baseball, I knew I needed to improve my hitting. I went to Vinny Mazzurco and the Baseball Swing Mastery Program. Using the Baseball Swing Mastery Program I was able to be more consistent at hitting line drives up the middle and driving the ball with HR Power more consistently to right Center field. Vinny is someone who understands hitting and cares for each ball player he shares his program with. Vinny, thanks for all your help with my swing."
~ Omar Dufreny

My son enjoys playing baseball. Last year, he joined Little League and played in the outfield. He had a lot of difficulty with hitting the ball. He struck out most of the time and almost never made any contact. He had no confidence at the plate and thought about quitting the game especially after all his friends kept getting hit after hit. After only a few sessions with Baseball Swing Mastery, he was a completely different player. With his new found plate discipline, he not only hit the ball, but much harder and further than most of his peers. He hit singles and doubles every game. Strikeouts were few and far between.

Thanks to Baseball Swing Mastery, in one summer, my son has qualified for the summer little league travel team and was even invited to play with a travel team this fall. The instruction he received is phenomenal and I highly recommend the Baseball Swing Mastery program to players of all skills." ~Carmichael A

You can't go wrong with this incredible Guarantee!

"I am putting ALL of the risk on ME!”

If for any reason what-so-ever, you are not happy with ANY aspect of one-on-one coaching, than simply send me a quick email and I will immediately refund 100% of your money, no-questions-asked! Like I said, all of the risk is on me!

-Vinny Mazzurco


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P.S. No one likes to watch their kid sit on the bench, strike out, or be unhappy. Not you, and not your kid. The longer you wait to take action, the harder it is to break bad habits that your kid probably has developed or will develop if they continue what they’re doing in swinging the wrong way. Don’t let this be you. One-on-one Coaching with Vinny Mazzurco is your blue print to mastering the baseball swing!

To Your Success!
Vinny Mazzurco
(Creator of the Exclusive Baseball Swing Mastery Program)

Send an email to Vinny@MazzurcoBaseball.com and we will glady answer any additional questions!

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